About us

Cloudtastic (Part of TAJMAC Network) started in 2008 as a division of TAJMAC and became a separate company in 2021. 

We are a "born in the cloud" company.

Vision Statement

To be a high-value managed services provider having a solid 

grip on Cloud, Edge, Rapid Application Development, AI, and 

Blockchain with deep penetration into end-customer while 

being a direct value provider in the customer's balance sheet.

Mission Statement

Deliver the maximum value of Cloud, Edge, Rapid Application 

Development, AI, & Blockchain. Use technologies to add tangible 

value to the end customer's Balance Sheet. Reduce the time to 

innovate to a minimum to solve problems and deliver value at a 

market-leading rapid pace and maintain maximum capabilities 

and capacities to achieve that.

What makes us different:

We are not another software house that only deals in software  development but not infrastructure.

We have a unique advantage in providing public, Private,  or Hybrid Infrastructure. We also offer Custom and Off-the-shelf software, making us capable of grasping much of your IT in a single shop. 

Our cumulative experience from other divisions and network companies of TAJMAC makes us a very flexible and capable supplier for your business needs.

We provide ITIL v4 compliant Support System for our customers.

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