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Email Archiving Solutions

MailStore Server

The leading email archiving solution for businesses looking to secure and manage their email communications effectively.

MailStore Cloud Edition

For businesses that prefer a cloud-based email archiving solution, offering flexibility and scalability without the need for on-premises hardware.


  • MailStore Server:
    Ensure that your law firm meets stringent email retention laws and e-discovery requirements with MailStore Server's robust archiving capabilities.

  • MailStore Server: 
    Protect patient confidentiality and comply with healthcare regulations regarding email retention and security with MailStore Server.
For Education
  • MailStore Server:
    Archive educational institution communications efficiently, ensuring records are kept securely and are easily accessible for future reference.

MailStore Products & Services

MailStore Server 

MailStore Server is an advanced email archiving solution that helps businesses of all sizes to securely store, manage, and search their email communications. It supports various email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Workspace, and ensures that emails are archived in a tamper-proof format, aiding in compliance and e-discovery.

MailStore Cloud Edition 

MailStore Cloud Edition offers the same reliable and compliant email archiving capabilities as MailStore Server but with the added convenience and scalability of the cloud. It's an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce their IT infrastructure and benefit from secure, off-site email storage.

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