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Quest Software delivers cybersecurity, data performance, directory and identity, and modernization solutions that simplify enterprise IT management.

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Data Protection

Rapid Recovery

Protect and recover your critical systems, applications, and data with zero-impact recovery solutions.

Database Management


Optimize SQL Server performance with comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics.

Identity and Access Management

One Identity 

Streamline identity management to enhance security and compliance across your organization.


  • RemoteScan
    Ensure secure and compliant document scanning and imaging in healthcare environments with RemoteScan.

  • Change Auditor:
    Provide your media team with the world's best creative apps and services so they can collaborate on projects and create stunning work.
  • KACE: 
    Manage and secure all network-connected devices across educational institutions with KACE systems management solutions.

Quest Products & Services

Rapid Recovery 

Rapid Recovery delivers comprehensive data protection with point-in-time recovery and the ability to restore systems to any platform, whether physical, virtual, or cloud. Ensure minimal downtime and maintain productivity with this powerful backup solution.


Spotlight on SQL Server is a powerful tool for ensuring the health and performance of your SQL Server environments. With its intuitive diagnostics, you can quickly identify issues and optimize your databases for peak performance.

One Identity 

One Identity offers a unified approach to identity and access management, providing full visibility and control over user access. Streamline identity processes, reduce risk, and ensure compliance with this comprehensive IAM solution.


RemoteScan enables you to connect document scanners and cameras to remote desktop environments. It's the perfect solution for healthcare, finance, and other industries where document scanning needs to be secure, compliant, and efficient.

 Change Auditor

Change Auditor provides real-time auditing for your Microsoft Windows environment, ensuring security, compliance, and control over changes and configurations. Stay ahead of internal and external threats with detailed tracking and alerts.


KACE Systems Management Appliances offer comprehensive device management, making it easy to provision, manage, secure, and service all network-connected devices. Gain control and save time with automated endpoint management.

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