Security is job 1. See how NComputing improves endpoint security and the economics of virtualization.

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Desktop Virtualization

nComputing VERDE VDI

A full virtual desktop infrastructure solution for companies seeking to provide end-users with flexible, secure, and reliable desktop access.

Thin Clients

nComputing RX-series

Energy-efficient thin clients designed for optimized performance in virtual desktop environments.

Management Software

nComputing vSpace Pro

Desktop virtualization software that allows multiple users to share resources from a single host computer or server.


  • nComputing RX-series:
    Provide students with a reliable and cost-effective computing experience that's easy to deploy and manage in educational settings.

  • nComputing VERDE VDI:
    Secure and maintain patient privacy with a VDI solution that offers quick access to medical applications and patient records.
  • nComputing vSpace Pro
    Enable SMBs to maximize their IT budget with a scalable desktop virtualization solution that grows with their business needs.

NComputing Products & Services

 nComputing VERDE VDI

nComputing VERDE VDI is a comprehensive and scalable desktop virtualization solution that helps organizations reduce costs, improve security, and increase flexibility. It supports both Windows and Linux desktops and is designed to deliver a high-quality user experience, even in low-bandwidth environments.

nComputing RX-series 

The nComputing RX-series thin clients are known for their affordability, low power consumption, and high performance. They are optimized for virtual desktop environments and are perfect for businesses and educational institutions looking to deploy numerous workstations efficiently.

nComputing vSpace Pro 

nComputing vSpace Pro is a powerful desktop virtualization software that allows multiple users to share computing resources from a single host computer or server. It's an ideal solution for organizations looking to extend the life of their existing hardware while providing a modern computing experience.

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